Complete Mercedes Auto Service & Repair
Foreign and Domestic Service – A

Mercedes Service Roswell | North Fulton Auto Center Mercedes Service A

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Applies to FSS, FSS+ and Post-FSS vehicles

Recommended every 10,000 miles or 1 year (whichever comes first). Service alternates every 10,000 miles from “Mercedes Benz A Service” to “Mercedes Benz B service”.

Includes the following:

  • Oil and filter change with approved synthetic oil and filter.
  • Install washer fluid and fuel treatment.
  • Perform North Fulton Auto Center Service multi-point inspection.
  • Perform North Fulton Auto Center Tire and Wiper Service.
  • Inspect vehicle work areas after Service is completed.
  • Reset FSS maintenance reminder.

North Fulton Auto Center Mercedes Benz MULTI-POINT INSPECTION Included with all North Fulton Auto Center A & B Services

Includes the following:

  • Up front road test. Warm up oil, evaluate overall vehicle, identify customer concerns.
  • Check instrumentation functions and cruise control.
  • Operational check A/C/C for proper heating/cooling depending on the season.
  • Check wipers and washers, all exterior lights and horns.
  • Check windows and sunroof operation. Stop if noisy operation is present.
  • Midtronics test battery & top up batteries as required. (Maintenance-Free System batteries that are not easily accessible can be checked with Instrument Cluster voltage display if there is no customer complaints of battery related issues).
  • Check and correct engine compartment fluid levels.
  • Check anti-freeze concentration/protection level.
  • Inspect hoses for leaks, cracks, chaffing and etc.
  • Check and correct transmission fluid level. (Includes 722.6 but does not apply to 722.9).
  • R&R engine encapsulation panels to access drain plugs + to inspect for leaks + other defects.
  • Perform North Fulton Auto Center Tire and Wiper Service (Please see North Fulton Auto Center Tire and Wiper Service Work Sheet).
  • Perform complete brake inspection. Note rotor specs and remaining brake pad % in story. Advise if brakes will not make next service (5,000 miles).
  • ** SBC cars check operating time of SBC hydraulic unit with SDS.
  • Perform chassis and suspension inspection.
  • Inspect drive line and drive shaft flex discs.
  • Check and correct differential fluid level if showing signs of significant fluid loss.
  • Check and correct transfer case fluid level if showing sign of significant fluid loss. Some passenger cars’ transfer cases require significant disassembly to gain access to fill plugs and level check plugs. Please advise the Service Advisor if this is the case, as additional charges will result.
  • Vehicles with engine control linkages. Squirt pivot points with lube (hydraulic oil). D&A of linkages that are sticking or binding will require an additional repair line at additional charge.
  • Please note defects found during the inspection. Please advise the Service Advisor of any defects that are needed prior to parking the vehicle. Please (whenever possible) allow the Advisor enough time to up-sell the defects while the remainder of the service and other customer concerns are being addressed. Any parts or labor needed in addition to the Service being performed must be put on a separate line (Specific complaints parts and labor should go on that specific line. An additional line to a service line typically reads: “misc items”, and allows a place to put lift pads, bulbs and etc.).
  • Perform final road test.
  • Check engine oil level fully warmed up on a level surface. Use dipstick, instrument cluster and SDS as necessary to ensure oil fill level is correct. This is the main reason the vehicle is here.
  • Inspect all areas that were worked on. Think safety, quality and customer satisfaction. Be aware of hand prints, foot prints and etc. A quality service and repair is lost to us all if the customer’s perception of “quality” is based upon the poor visual appearance of their vehicle at pick up.
  • Verify and enter correct “Mileage Out” in Tech Story.
  • Reset FSS maintenance reminder (if applicable).

North Fulton Auto Center Mercedes TIRE & WIPER SERVICE
(Wiper Service labor is complimentary)

Both Services are recommended at every 5,000 mile interval.
The Wiper Inspection is performed in the Service Drive with the customer by the Service
Advisor to address any wiper/washer issues and age of wiper rubber(s).

  • At customer request the Tech will replace wiper blade(s)/insert(s) at no labor charge while performing North Fulton Auto Center Tire Inspection.
  • Service Advisor will facilitate wiper blade(s) or insert(s) replacement at no labor charge in the Service Drive if vehicle is not entering the Shop for other repairs.
  • Tech will check windshield washers and wipers for proper operation after replacement of the blade(s) or insert(s).

North Fulton Auto Center Tire Service includes the following:

  • Up-front road test, evaluate ride quality of wheels/tires.
  • Remove all wheels, inspect lug bolts and hub threads.
  • Inspect tread depth, check for nails, sidewall damage and unusual wear patterns. Advise if remaining life of tires is less than Service interval 5,000 miles ( your best approximation ).
  • Rotate as needed ( unless offset wheels ), set tire pressure to specification (or to owner request).
  • Correct air pressure in spare tire. “Reactivate” TPM if tires are rotated.
  • Advise of any alignment concerns.
  • Advise customer to have an alignment whenever sets or pairs of tires are sold.
  • Inspect brakes while wheels are removed. Note findings in Tech Story. Advise if brakes will not make next service (5,000 miles).
  • Torque lug bolts to specification, road test vehicle and final re-torque lug bolts.
  • Please wipe hand prints off wheels on all operations involving wheel R&R.
  • Visual inspection of all work performed after work is completed.

***Tire balance is an additional charge***
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