Buying a Car with Confidence: Invest in a Pre-purchase Inspection!

Everyone agrees that a vehicle is a major purchase. But many people skip one of the most vital components of the car-buying process: the pre-purchase inspection. Why? Here are the top two reasons:

  • Vehicles are expensive and many car buyers want to make the purchase for as little money as possible.
  • Car buyers assume that getting a prospective car off-property for an inspection will be an aggravation in terms of time and seller reluctance.

Vehicles are an expensive purchase, so you’ll want to be sure you’re choosing a good one before you sign on the dotted line. A pre-purchase inspection will give you that confidence. And if the inspection reveals any issues, you can choose to walk away from that particular car or negotiate a lower price based on the repairs needed.

As for number two, a little pre-shopping planning to arrange an inspection ensures that it will not take much time at all. And most sellers are happy to have your mechanic inspect the vehicle. If you meet someone who’s not, you might consider that a red flag.

So what should you expect in a pre-purchase inspection? At minimum, look for the following:

  • Inspect tires, brakes, belts, and engine parts
  • Check fluids and examine for leaks
  • Assess functions of all lights and wipers
  • Test drive to assess general performance: brakes, acceleration, suspension, etc.

An inspection will also reveal any possible dodgy repair work, just in case your potential new ride is hiding a skeleton or two in the closet. Even more importantly, pre-purchase inspections don’t just uncover what’s wrong with a vehicle; they also highlight what’s right. So you know if you’re getting a good deal.

And one more important point to consider: if you’re buying a car for your kids to drive, you’ll want to make certain it’s a safe one. The minor cost of a pre-purchase inspection is well worth your peace of mind.

At North Fulton Auto Center, our ASE certified technicians will thoroughly examine your car-to-be so you can go into the deal fully informed about what you’re buying. And at a typical cost of $65, a pre-purchase inspection is a little money very well spent.

For more information, call North Fulton Auto Center at 770-343-9027.

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