Auto Air Conditioning Service

It’s 95 degrees outside and the humidity is 97%. You have an important meeting downtown at 3:30 and traffic is at a standstill on I85. Then, all of the sudden your Mercedes air conditioning starts blowing out hot air. You knew you should have had the air conditioner serviced at North Fulton Auto Center for the summer but you put it off. What could cause this to happen and where can you get it repaired?

Many cars will temporarily shut off the air conditioning compressor when the engine is under a lot of stress or is hot. This is a safety feature of the car and is not a problem with the air conditioner. That’s really good news!

On the other hand, if your air conditioning vents blow out warm air when the car engine is not stressed and within the normal operating temperature then there could be a problem with your car’s air conditioning system. Sometimes the car’s air conditioning vents blow out cold air then after a while they blow out warm air. This could be due to a mechanical issue, a defective expansion valve, a clogged orifice tube, an electrical issue, a defective temperature sensor or a defective evaporator sensor. Sometimes this problem is caused by a leak in the car’s air conditioning lines allowing a low refrigerant charge. At this point, you are in need of some auto air conditioning service. Bring your car to North Fulton Auto Center so the technician can diagnose the problem and make the proper repair.

North Fulton Auto Center’s technicians will inspect your car air conditioning compressor and electrical wiring, make a diagnosis, and provide a reasonable quote to correct the problem. It is always a good idea to have your car’s air conditioning serviced at North Fulton Auto Center every spring before the weather gets so hot.

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